International Conference WAC 2017 « Sustainable practices, wine active compounds & quality »

For its fourth edition, under the auspices of the UNESCO Chair « Culture & Traditions of Wines » and the Institut Jules Guyot at University of Burgundy, the Wine Active Compounds (WAC) 2017 international conference will take place at the Palais des Congrès (Congress center) of Beaune, France from Wednesday march 29 to Friday march 31, 2017.

The international WAC conferences have become an essential meeting point for promoting interdisciplinary wine sciences, considering wine active compounds related to vineyard managements, to processes of elaboration of wine, to their biological roles and to their taste/olfactory properties.

The WAC 2017 conference will focus on « sustainable practices, wine active compounds and quality », exploring aspects as diverse as:

  • The impact of such practices (reduction of inputs, alternatives…) on the quality of wine
  • Associated mechanisms of regulation/norms
  • Consumer preferences
  • Ethics of such practices
  • Their history

As for WAC 2014, the objective will be, within the frame of the four sessions below, to broaden results from experimental researches under historical, economical and sociological perspectives:

  • Impact of vineyard practices on wine active compounds in a context of profound changes
  • Links between processes of elaboration of wines in a context of inputs reduction and search for alternatives
  • Sensory related active compounds: perceptions, acceptations,, prescriptions and discurses
  • Active compounds with biological interest, including those beneficial and detrimental to health, and associated social representations

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