Nuit européenne des chercheurs 29 septembre 2017

Deux jeunes chercheurs ont participé à la Nuit européenne des chercheurs à Paris

Pour l’édition 2017 de la Nuit européenne des chercheurs, Ibrahim (ESR9) and Bohyung (ESR11) ont participé à l’événement à Paris. Nos jeunes chercheurs ont expliqué à un public varié leurs projets en jouant au jeu du bouche à l’oreille.

Découvrez le témoignage d’Ibrahim et de Bohyung (en anglais)

They held a very successful even like last year! We participated ‘Le bouche a oreille de la recherche’. There we found how the information would transfer by time explaining in 30 seconds from a person A to B and B to C and so on. It was interesting that some information were distorrted meanwhile people also interpret the subject in greate deapth in such a short time. I participated in ‘Speed searching’ which is to introduce my project to a person in 5 minutes, where I could get to present the importance of my project. It was great time to interact people from other fields. Bohyung LEE (ESR 11)


It was a pleasure for me to participate in the Researchers’ Night event for the second time after the last year’s event, there were 2 main differences between this year and the last year which richened my participation: 1- The type of the participated-in activities. Last year’s activity was an event called « speed searching”, where we meet many visitors individually. But this year’s activity was called « Le bouche à oreille de la recherche”, where I had only 30 seconds to simplify my research project to an audience and then s/he explains to someone else also in 30 seconds and after 6-7 exchanges, the last one explains what he heard, and we compare that to what I originally said. 2- The event’s theme, last year’s theme was “The idea”, what is the role of the ideas in a researcher’s life. While this year’s theme was “The impossible”, what is impossible in research and whether it is imposed by nature or defined by man, temporal or permanent, global or local, universal or cultural, historical or even political. It was very useful to interact with different kinds of audiences with different backgrounds but they all share the same passion for science and it was quite amusing to explain and share our interests in science with everyone in a fun and non-formal way. I am looking forward for the next outreach activity”. Ibrahim SULTAN (ESR 9)


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