M1 :

Ultrafast fiber laser at 2 µm wavelength. Application to the generation of supercontinuum.

Tellurite microsphere lasers.

Development of Gold Nanorod-Embedded Polymer Thin Films.

Topological properties of a class of Self-Avoiding Random Walks and protein folding and design.

Characterization of perovskite nanorods as local directional light nanosources.


M2 :

Inelastic light scattering by chiral metallic nanoparticles.

Phase Change Materials based Metasurfaces.

Microstructure at the interfaces in diffusion bonding: microscopic study of the grain growth, grain boundary mobility and Zener pinning.

Emission spectroscopy and spectral imaging of laser interaction with copper/steel dissimilar joint.

Manufacturing of a powder container for hot isostatic compaction with WAAM process.

Thermo optic effect in multimaterial optical fibers.

High Saturation Power Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) for Kerr Comb Generation.

Optimization of autonomous quantum engines and refrigerators.

Laser induced liquid bead desorption.

Design and integration of metasurfaces in optical inspection and metrology machines for the semiconductor industry.

Literature review, modeling, design of experiment and test of capabilities of nanoparticle inspection machines in fluorescence mode.

Modelling and fabrication of nano-structured surfaces for security documents.

Development of ultrafast fiber laser oscillators delivering high-energy picosecond pulses.

Topological localized structures in pocket-size fibre Kerr resonators.

Precision Measurements and tests of fundamental physics with cold molecules.

Widely tunable ultra-stable and SI-traceable quantum cascade lasers for frequency metrology and midinfrared precise spectroscopy: application to space, atmospheric and fundamental physics.

Electromagnetic modelling of complex nanostructures for the customization of secure ID documents.

Quantum Dynamics in condensed phase: Charge transfer in biological systems and organic photovoltaics (Theory).

Quantum Dynamics simulation for H atom scattering from graphene surface.








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