M1 :

Emission spectroscopy and spectral imaging of laser interaction with copper/steel dissimilar joint.

Producing and observing LaguerreGaussian laser modes.

Deciphering the free-energy landscape of GST enzymes induced by ligand binding.

Molecular Physics: Hyperfine Couplings in some test Molecules.

Dynamic mode decomposition applied to fourwave mixing process.

Langevin model for atom – diatom collisions (ex: C + OH) in gas phase.

Adsorption / Storage / Separation of molecular hydrogen isotopes on porous materials.

Application of the Kirkwood Buff integrals to experiments and molecular simulations.

Optimal control of quantum systems: Application to Bose-Einstein Condensates.

Computation of atomic pair potentials with the surface integral method.

Calculating the energy levels of helium.

Analysis of DNA stiffening by protein Rap1.

Ultra short laser pulse characterization by frequency resolved optical switching based on plasma (FROST-p).

Ultrafast fiber laser experiments.

Programmable optical linear operations based on multiple light scattering through disordered medium.

Liquid Crystal Based Reconfigurable Analogue Intelligent Networks (LC-BRAIN).

Radiation of surface polaritons in cylindrical waveguides.

Bistable quantum field-effect transistor.

Synthesis and investigation of magnetic nanohybrids for magnetic hyperthermia of cancer cells.

Investigation of Optical Properties of Quantum Nanostructures.

First steps of cerium oxidation. In-situ study by XPS and HAXPES.




M2 :

Laser absorption spectroscopy in the mid infrared region : Investigation of optical saturation and solutions for its circumvention.

Masters Internship in Photonics and/or Marine Biology. 

Modeling the coupling between electromagnetic wave and mechanical state in near field microwave microscopy.

Implementation of compressive sensing for high-speed spectroscopy.

Quantum storage of light orbital angular momentum in molecular sample.

Probing non-Markovian collisional dynamics with aligned molecules.

Calculating the energy spectrum of ultracold lanthanide atoms.

Modelling the infrared spectrum of CH3Cl for cometary applications.

Semi-classical study of molecular energy spectral structures.

Testing Quantum Games on Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum computers.

Development of a fiber interferometer for photonic integrated circuits metrology.

Integrated Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) waveguides for photonic applications.

Mirrorless lasing-assisted remote magnetometry from sodium vapor cells.

Molecular Physics: Hyperfine Couplings in some test Molecules probed by Saturated Absorption.

Protein conformational dynamics from graph theory.

Design of 2D nanopore sensors for protein sequencing applications.

Semi-empirical determination of the potential energy function of ethylene.

Connectomic analysis of multiscale biological cellular networks.

Quantum plasmonic superradiance.

Excited states in an environment out of equilibrium: a theoretical QM/MD approach.

Thermal stability of metallic nanocomposites: an atomistic approach.

Hydrogen embrittlement and hydrides formation in Titanium.

Ultrafast fiber laser with multimode fibers.

Numerical and experimental studies of supercontinuum generation.

Precision Measurements and tests of fundamental physics with cold molecules.

Widely tunable ultra-stable and SI-traceable quantum cascade lasers for frequency metrology and mid-infrared precise spectroscopy: application to space, atmospheric and fundamental physic.

Conception et caractérisation de diodes laser compactes hybrides III-V sur silicium pour le développement de transmetteurs optiques WDM.



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