2nd International Symposium « The Tennis in Tomorrow’s Society »




















Welcome to Dijon from7 till 9 June 2021 !

The Faculty of Sports Sciences Dijon – Le Creusot of the University of Burgundy organizes the 2nd International Symposium, in June 2021, from Monday 7 to Wednesday 9, in coordination with the laboratory INSERM Cognition, Action, and Sensorimotor Plasticity (U1093) and the Centre d’Expertise de la Performance Gilles Cometti. The first edition was held in 2008 and gathered nearly 300 participants.

This multidisciplinary symposium is part of the centenary of the French Tennis Federation (1920-2020). It aims to invite all players in the tennis sector (leaders, volunteers, players, teachers, coaches, event organizers, industry and researchers) to build an inventory of knowledge and practices to consider scenarios of the future. Nearly 400 participants are expected for this high-level event (scientifically and professionally) in order to produce knowledge in the tennis field, in all dimensions of tennis: technological, physiological, health, economic, sociological …

We are pleased, as the organising and scientific boards, to welcome you to the 2nd International Symposium « The Tennis in Tomorrow’s Society » in Dijon.

Yours sincerely,

Lionel Crognier, President of the Organizing Committee


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