WG4 – Intracellular Diagnostics

Whilst WG2 will focus on changes on the organism as a whole and WG3 will consider the impact on
the microbiome, WG4 will investigate changes at the cellular level. Such cellular events are often
indicative of changes to the whole organism, and in may ways bridge the gap – in vivo and also in
our understanding – between the individual compound on one side and its complex interactions with
the organism on the other. A diverse array of cell-based analytical techniques will be assembled to
investigate how individual substances, either alone or in combination, act on cells and interact with
relevant cellular constituents, including the genome and epigenome. The topics of WG4 bring in
another barrage of bioanalytical techniques, which include emerging proteomic and (nutri)genomic
methods, the latest molecular cell and fluorescent based staining and imaging techniques as well as
Live Cell Imaging and chemogenetic screening to obtain a more global assessment of events. This
WG will also investigate redox related nutri-epigenetic events.


  • Working Group 2 – The impact of nutrition, lifestyle and redox active secondary metabolites on the organism

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