WG1 – Network building and management

WG1 will deal with the more administrative tasks of NutRedOx, which are crucial for the success of
the network. Besides the coordinator, this WG will initially involve all members enrolled in the network
in Month 1. WG1 will by streamlined during the first NutRedOx meeting in Month 4, when it will also
constitute the Management Committee (MC) of the Action. WG1 will organize the communication
across the network, including the NutRedOx website. It will link the individual, well-defined actions
of the project with the more flexible realisation of the “NutRedOx Centre of Excellence”. It will, for
instance, coordinate the various meetings, seminars and workshops. WG1 will accompany
technology transfer and interactions with companies where necessary. It will also take an active role
in the various public outreach measures. Furthermore, this WG will monitor progress and engage
with journals to commission reviews, a Special Issue or book project. WG1 will also represent the
“trouble-shooter unit” in charge of identifying, addressing and ultimately resolving any issues or
conflicts in an effective, democratic, open and amenable manner. In essence, WG1 will be “staffed”
by the NutRedOx Core Group and involve other volunteers from the Management Committee (MC).


  • Working Group 2 – The impact of nutrition, lifestyle and redox active secondary metabolites on the organism

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