Presentation of NutRedOx Working Groups (WGs)

NutRedOx will benefit from existing, well-functioning cooperations and structures, which will be
expanded within a new consortium of members from across the EU and beyond (including ITCs and
IPCs). In Month 1 the NutRedOx website will be activated and the “NutRedOx Centre of Exellence”
formally announced / inaugurated. The various actions will then be initiated by a first network-wide
gathering in Month 4, which will be organised by one local Chapter of the network. This gathering
will be advertised widely and ultimately will provide the platform for intensive exchanges, networkbuilding
measures, cooperation and additional members to join.
Subsequently, NutRedOx will perform its actions under the umbrella of the “NutRedOx Centre of
Exellence” which will harmonize the individual, yet closely interwoven actions of four individual
working groups (WGs) working towards the objectives defined for the network. Those WGs
represent loose clusters of research, temporarily formed to streamline research (often along themes
or disciplines), but always be open to change and restructuring. Individual WGs complement each
other in science, the management of the scientific process and the various dissemination activities
and participation in the WGs is not mutually exclusive.
Overall tasks: All WGs (apart from WG1) will engage in research, training, technology transfer and
public outreach. WGs in turn will organize the one major network-wide gathering per year. These
meetings will be held under the specific theme of the WG organizing the meeting and foster the
exchange of research, and the planning of further activities. They will provide time for network
management and will also feature a public outreach component. Each WG will also hold smaller,
WG specific but network-wide-open workshop-like meetings (NutRedOx Summer Schools) for junior
scientists of the entire network, which will focus primarily on early stage researchers and besides a
lively exchange of research will also provide good time for extensive training.



  • Working Group 2 – The impact of nutrition, lifestyle and redox active secondary metabolites on the organism



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