Critical Approaches to Cultural Identities in the Public Sphere:

From Ivory Tower to Social Arena





This international, bilingual conference organised by the “Text, Image, Language” research unit of the University of Burgundy aims to address and bridge the gap between critical approaches to cultural identities common in academia and essentialising discourses increasingly widespread in the public sphere. Bringing together researchers from intercultural communication, cultural and postcolonial studies, media studies and other disciplines, it challenges and deconstructs reductionist discursive stances on culture and identity.

The conference, originally planned for May 2020 and rescheduled to September 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, had to eventually be cancelled. This website aims to showcase the researchers who were programmed to talk at the conference and their work, and to stimulate exchanges among the community created for this event. Hopefully, the website can also provide the framework for a future related event, to which all of the presenters will be invited to resubmit contributions. The concerns of the conference seem to have gained even more currency during the Covid-19 crisis, and we hope to be able to continue the work we started for the conference in the next few months.

Organisers: David Bousquet (University of Burgundy), Alex Frame (University of Burgundy), Mélodine Sommier (Erasmus University of Rotterdam)


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