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The University of Burgundy has a very large campus with various buildings catering to the different areas of studies. The building where you’ll have most of the lessons is called « Droit-Lettres ». It is located on 4 avenue Gabriel and it is made up of a main building plus two extensions (ext. Droit and ext. Lettres) – the way the rooms are numbered is quite complicated so make sure to set off always a bit earlier in order to actually find the class. Please note that in France the ground floor (rez-de-chaussée) counts as 0. The rooms on the ground floor are numbered with R00, the rooms in the basement (sous-sol) are S00. Most of your classes will take place inside the language center in Salle B or Salle A. It will take you a 10 min walk from the residences inside the campus to the classroom.

Alex’s office is number 172, located on the first floor of the main building. David’s office is number 196, located on the first floor of the Letters extension. The secretaries’ offices (Valérie Chapotot in 166A) are located close to Alex’s. Lifelong learning students will find Anne Roger’s office in the main university administrative building on campus (Maison de l’Université, SEFCA offices).


Between the Main and the Extension Buildings of the Droit Lettres Department

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