University Facilities


A growling stomach can be easily tamed on campus, whether you need a quick bite between classes or you are looking for a spot to lunch. 

Montmuzard, Mansart are the biggest cafeterias on campus that are open for lunch. You can buy an entire meal for just 3.30 € and this includes an entree, a main and a dessert. The cafeterias can get packed after 12 with queues that seem unending, so if standing in line is not your thing, do not fear because there are more options. If you head to the cafeteria in UB Droit Lettres early, you can reserve yourself a sandwich that you can pick up during lunch. Food trucks are a common sight on campus, and if it’s a good day you can spot 3 that serve you fast, but great meals if you want to try something different or treat yourself to some Belgian fries, or Argentinian empanadas.There are smaller cafeterias and cafes throughout the campus and you can locate them in the map if you want to check those out! (Cafe des Sports, Cafe de IUT, Agrosup, Gabriel, Le Muzard) If you want a quick light snack during the 10 minute interval of your long classes, there are various vending machines in the buildings that can cater to your snacking needs – this is where all your loose change will come in handy! You can locate all the cafeterias on the map of the university. 

You can use various methods of payment at the cafeterias and cafes on campus. You can use your debit / credit card and you can use the student Izly card. 

The Izly card is used by students to buy food at the various cafeterias on campus. Using it is as easy as swiping your credit / debit card when you make purchases. Your Izly card can be recharged from your UB student account. First, you must create an account on Izly through which you can top-up your card. If you forget your Izly card, just download the Izly app on your phone and you’re ready to pay for your meal.  

The university is a little cashless society, but if you absolutely need to use cash, you can go to the UB Droit Lettres cafeteria and pay for your food in cash. Before you go a word of caution – they only take it if you have the exact amount. 

Health Center

At the UB Health Center, your health is their priority. Whether you have received your health insurance or not, students are encouraged to take an appointment to see a doctor. Make an appointment at the reception at the earliest as the slots available can be filled up quickly. Check-ups are normally free for students, and they have a free gynecologist on site as well. It is best if you take your health insurance but if you do not, do not hesitate to go see the doctor because you can always come back when you have received your insurance and present it at that time. 

Open Hours: 8:30 am-12pm, 1:30 pm-5pm

SUAPS (University Service of Physical & Sports Activities) 

SUAPS is a center that offers an array of activities, free for students. (ie. boxing, yoga, zumba, step aerobics, gym, tennis, archery, badminton.) However, you cannot just show up for the activity, you need to reserve your spot on / . It’s first come, first serve so grab your spot in your preferred activity as soon as you can. Check what activities are up every Monday to book your spot for the rest of the week. Be careful, some activities are a semester long commitment! You must present your valid UB student card to enter. Missing sessions is not advised, if you miss two sessions you are out of the game.If you are into adventure sports, make sure to keep yourself updated with sports trips they have throughout the year (ie. Ski trip: 300 €) 


There are various libraries located on campus. UB Library, and two smaller libraries in Droit Lettres building, and more. The libraries are a noise free, food free zone. There are designated sections for group work, but most of the library requires students to be silent. 

There are several printers set up in all the libraries. Use the UB website to print your documents and with your UB card the printer will recognize your request. 

International Office

As an international student, any queries you have about your exchange semesters, visas or general stay in France can be addressed at the International Office. You can visit them personally in University House. If you want to stock up on souvenirs to commemorate your student life at UB, check out some of the items up for sale, from notebooks, to mugs, pens and even clothes you can add to your wardrobe. 

Language center

Language learning is a priority in the ICM course, and also in life at UB. There are different language courses provided by the Language Center at the university. These courses are available throughout the year: Summer (June to September), Fall (October to January), and Spring (February to May). Of the many language courses offered some include: German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French as a foreign language, Italian, Japanese, French sign language, Polish, Portuguese, Czech and Russian. Apart from the classes, enter the language center anytime if you want to converse with a native speaker of a foreign language, for there are students who volunteer as language tutors in the center.

The « Maison De l’Etudiant »

This space offers many services: multimedia rooms (9 am-10pm from Monday to Friday, 9 am-12am on Saturday), conference room, 2 meeting rooms, Student Life Office, one-stop shop for the recovery of ENT identifiers, wi- fi access area, student culture card point of sale, uB Shop, reprography service and 11 offices for uB associations.

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