Quantum Engineering and Information

Teachers : Stephane Guerin / Hans Rudolf Jauslin / Christophe Couteau

This course proposes an introduction to the basic concepts and techniques of quantum information, quantum computation and, more generally, of quantum technologies.

The concept of quantum technologies encompasses a family of processes that use quantum effects to produce results that are not possible or more difficult with classical physics. In quantum computation quantum mechanics is used to design algorithms that achieve certain results much faster than classical algorithms.


  • The principles of Quantum Mechanics and applications to Quantum Optics
  • Classical and quantum information, bits and qubits, entangled states
  • Quantum information: principles and applications – quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, quantum information by single photons, quantum no-cloning theorem, Bell inequalities
  • Quantum computation: quantum gates, quantum algorithms, principles of the state-of-the-art platforms, quantum supremacy

Practical works :

  • Principle and measurement of a lifetime/radiation decay of an emitter 
  • Non-linear optics: second-harmonic generation (SHG) 
  • Concept and experimental principle of a quantum cryptography protocol 
  • Measurement of the quantum efficiency of an emitting molecule 
  • Single-photon generation and detection
  • Quantum algorithms on IBM Q Network.

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