Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

Teachers : Vincent Boudon / Frederic Chaussard

After a review of basics of atomics & molecular spectroscopy, this lecture describes the basics of absorption (microwave and infrared) and Raman scattering high-resolution spectroscopy of small polyatomic molecules. We review the difference molecular movements and their interaction with light.

  • Born and Oppenheimer hypothesis.
  • Molecular rotation and vibrations.
  • Vibration coordinates.
  • Vibration-rotation Hamiltonian in classical mechanics.
  • Vibration-rotation Hamiltonian in quantum mechanics.
  • Vibration-rotation energy at order 0.
  • Generalities on transitions.
  • Vibration-rotation energy at order n.
The lecture is completed by exercises to learn how to analyze simple spectra.

Practical work: Diode laser absorption spectroscopy

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