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« Cartes postales » virtuelles d’étudiants de T2M en stage…


De Apolline Lebossé en Master 1 :

Buenas !

Currently live from Málaga, the city offering both mountains and the beach! The weather is perfect, and bars and restaurants are open without curfew, what a time to live away from France! People are the nicest here and everyone is happy as long as the sun is out.

I’ve been welcomed as an intern in Localsoft S.L., a localization agency specialized in video games. We have quite a small number of employees, but it allows me to learn every aspect of a localization agency and project management, with a good variety of daily tasks. We are five in my office, with five different nationalities: British, Hungarian, Spanish, German and French, really useful when we have doubts during QAs!

I’ll see you all in September!



De Morgane Jarrin en Master 1 :

¡Buenos días!

I started my internship in February 2021 at EpixLife, a startup company based in Valencia, Spain, and which represents the Cell Wellbeing Ltd. brand (CWB Spain). EpixLife is a bio-technology company using epigenetics to optimize the health and wellbeing of their clients.

I’m mainly taking care of translating the entire website of the company (content, blog, platform, newsletter and emails sent to clients, policies, etc.), allowing me to learn a lot about science and epigenetics while expending my language knowledge.

I also do a bit of interpretation during meetings with French clients.

Finally, I will also be subtitling the videos that can be found on the website and on the YouTube channel of EpixLife. I have the chance to work in a very friendly environment in an office which is just in front of the beach, practicing both English and Spanish languages as our team counts with spanish and international people.

See you very soon, Dijon !


Chloé - TransylvanieDe Chloé Matz en Master 1 :

Bună ziua!

Depuis mi-mars j’effectue mon stage dans une petite agence de traduction nommée Hieroglifs Translations, située dans « le petit Paris », aka Bucarest en Roumanie. J’y fais principalement de la traduction de textes variés, mais aussi de la relecture en français et en anglais. J’ai généralement affaire à des textes d’entreprise, mais aussi à des brochures publicitaires ou de la traduction spécialisée dans le domaine de l’agronomie, le médical, des notices d’utilisation ou du marketing. Peut-être que je ferai également du sous-titrage, car c’est un service que l’agence offre également, mais la demande est plutôt rare.

La Roumanie possède une culture très différente de la France, mais on s’y adapte facilement. Par ailleurs, une communauté francophone a fait son nid dans la ville. De l’expatrié à l’étudiant Erasmus, il y a toujours des gens disponibles pour faire découvrir les restaurants et quartiers traditionnels de la ville !

À bientôt à Dijon !


De Fabien Soulier en Master 2 :

De Cynthia Poullain en Master 1 :


Que tal ?

I am currently in Barcelona at Transperfect. I am currently working in the media department with the client Red Bull TV, and coordinating translation of subtitles in several languages. It’s really interesting to see the subtitling industry for entertainment projects and I am really happy to gain experience in this field and using new CAT tools, developped by Transperfect.

There are more than 500 employees which gives me the chance to speak a lot of languages and share common interests. At the beginning I was quite impressed.

Time files so fast,

See you in September :)!


De Philippine Zaza en Master 1 :

¡ Bon dia amics !

I am currently living in Barcelona, an amazing international city where I am doing my internship until the end of June. I am part of the TransPerfect Barcelona family, a huge translation company at the hearth of the city.

I am a Project Manager in the e-learning team: basically, I try to find the top tier linguists for any translation project we have. I have to define the budget and deadlines and deliver the files.

The atmosphere is very friendly and I have the chance to speak both English and Spanish every day.

¡ Fins després !

Une première et vraie carte postale pour 2019, d’Amandine Jacobi (M2), en stage chez Authôt à Boulogne-sur-Mer :

Marion - UtrechtDe Marion Carpentier en Master 1 :

Goedemorgen everybody!

I am in Utrecht in the Netherlands, where I am doing my internship in Overtaal Language Services, which is part of the global TransPerfect company. I help Project Managers in their daily work: defining the budget and deadlines for a job, finding linguists who are available, monitoring the whole process, reviewing proofread files to spot remaining errors, and delivering the final files.

The people working here are lovely and very helpful. I don’t speak a word of Dutch, nor of German, but fortunately, the multicultural nature of the whole team allows you to speak English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and even French sometimes! And most people in the Netherlands speak English as well.

The weather is like in Dijon, so nothing fantastic. If you want to find an appartment here, you’d better be starting looking 2 months in advance! I didn’t, so I am going to spend 4 months camping.

Tot ziens!

PS: The beer is quite good and cheap here.

Anaïs - SingaporeD’Anaïs Gebhart en Master 2 :

Hello to people reading this!

I am currently living in the wonderful Singapore, a small island country in South-East Asia, where I am doing my internship. It is a somewhat unusual one as I get to be in the main departments and snoop around everything that is done in the company. By snooping around, I mean that asking so many questions that people get tired of you is highly encouraged! I am also given a lot of tasks to do, and I am treated like a professional which I enjoy a lot. I am learning a lot thanks to this program. My coworkers are all adorable and funny, and absolute experts at what they do. They are also young so we often hold McDonald’s parties during lunch break.

The country is extremely secure and the weather is constantly warm, with some occasional impressive thunderstorms! I have traveled to Malaysia and Indonesia so far as Singapore is conveniently located, and I can tell you it has nothing to do with Europe. Languages and cultures are so different, but I am getting the hang of it! Singlish? Can, lah!

Wish you all a wonderful time wherever you are!


Mathilde - Gembloux

De Mathilde Assénat en Master 1 :


Je suis à Gembloux en Wallonie dans ce merveilleux pays qu’est la Belgique.

Mon stage est super enrichissant. J’apprends beaucoup grâce à mon patron qui vient tout juste de démarrer son business. Articles de blog, traductions, gestion des réseaux sociaux, SEO, etc. Je fais vraiment beaucoup de différentes choses et j’en apprends tous les jours.

La semaine prochaine, j’ai même la chance de participer au salon de l’export en tant qu’exposant avec mon entreprise !

Gembloux et plus particulièrement la Belgique est un pays que je recommande vivement ! Les habitants sont vraiment accueillants. Et ce n’est pas une légende : les Belges boivent et font de la très bonne bière ! Leurs frites sont aussi excellentes !

À très bientôt !


D’Eloïse Perret en Master 2 :

Hi everybody!

I am currently doing my internship at Deluxe Media Paris, an American company which has headquarters all over the world. The firm deals with dubbing projects from the beginning to the end of the process.

I am a dubbing assistant coordinator. I prepare contracts for the actors and book the recording studios. One of my tasks is to check the quality of the film/series we are working on. Some might say that I spend my days watching videos. Well, it is not completely false, haha!

I also had the opportunity to observe each step of the process and see the actual dubbing in the studio. It is fascinating to see how dubbing actors and artistic directors work. Besides, I am working with a great team. Everyone is very friendly, always here to help and answer my questions! It is also pleasant to have a view over the Eiffel Tower from the balcony of the company when the sun deigns to show itself.

See you guys!

Coline - La Garriga
De Coline Huet en Master 1 :

¡Bon dia a tots i totes!

I am currently in La Garriga, where I am doing my intership at Audioprojects, a post-production company.

Aside from doing transcriptions and proofreading, I had the chance to attend dubbing sessions in French, which where very interesting. It was very funny to meet some voices we hear in French versions, haha. The atmosphere here is very friendly and everyone is ready to help me. It is so nice to learn about the behind the scenes from the process of passing from a country to another.

La Garriga is a very lovely and pretty town, and only around 40 km away from Barcelona ! Away from the rain of Dijon, the weather is so pleasant.

I hope everyone is enjoying their placement. Miss you all !

¡Adéu, fins aviat!

De Marine Couchot en Master 1 :

Hi everyone!

I’m currently in Swansea (Wales) doing my internship at Lingua Translations. As a Project Manager, I deal with translation and interpreting projects from raising the quote all the way through to invoicing. I am in contact with freelance translators from around the world, which enables me to understand a bit more how it is to work on a freelance basis. We deal with any kind of texts and formats. We’ve had a couple of subtitling requests, that’s not what we get the most though.

Swansea is lovely and Wales actually isn’t bad at all 😊 Loads of beaches and sheep! What I miss the most is our tasty French cheese and wine though… You may know that food isn’t great here. Still very proud to be French!

I’ll see you all very soon!

Julie à CologneDe Julie Arabi en Master 2, en stage à Cologne :

Bonjour tout le monde !

Depuis mi-février je suis à Cologne où je fais mon stage dans une agence de traduction (tsd Technik Sprachendienst). L’entreprise emploie environ 80 personnes et est divisée par équipe linguistique. Pour le moment je ne fais que de la relecture, cela me permet d’apprendre à connaître les clients et leurs spécificités, dans 1 ou 2 mois je pourrai enfin traduire à mon tour. L’entreprise produit principalement de la traduction technique, mais également des traductions relevant du domaine marketing ou de l’automobile.

J’ai été très bien accueillie par l’équipe francophone, ils sont tous prêts à aider à la moindre question. En un mois j’ai déjà beaucoup appris : nous travaillons avec SDL Trados, Across et Transit et j’apprécie de pouvoir mettre en application et d’approfondir ce que nous avons abordé en cours.

Cologne est une ville jeune, dynamique et les gens sont très ouverts, je suis très heureuse de faire mon stage ici.

A bientôt !


Une première carte pour 2018, d’Amandine Jacobi en Master 1 :

Amandine - Madrid - Jour¡Hola a todos!
Recuerdos desde Madrid, donde el sol brilla a pesar del frío.
Estoy haciendo las prácticas en Sublime Subtitling. Estamos en un espacio de coworking, con autónomos y start-ups. Hay buen rollo. Trabajo con un poco de todo, de películas a series, pasando por documentales sobre temas variados: subtitular es ver cosas que no tenías previsto ver. ¡A ver quién gana al Trivial Pursuit dentro de 10 años con tantos conocimientos! En general, me encargo de revisar archivos traducidos por autónomos o de preparar los archivos que les vamos a enviar. Traduzco a veces, y cosas inesperadas, de nuevo. ¿Quién habría dicho que iba a traducir rap, esta vez de verdad? 😉 Trabajamos mucho con el inglés, pero he trabajado con portugués, italiano… Amandine - Madrid - NuitLos project managers se buscan la vida para que todo esté perfecto, incluso sin hablar japonés o ruso cuando haría falta, y este es el desafío que quiero afrontar dentro de unos años.
Besos a ti y a tus habitantes, Dijon. Os envío sol y croquetas.

Anaïs Gebhart - BarcelonaD’Anaïs Gebhart (M1) :

Greetings everyone around Europe!

I am currently in Barcelona, where I am doing my internship at Transperfect. I am very lucky to be an intern as an internal linguist with the French team! I do a variety of tasks such as proofreading and the task of Final Eyeing, which is to make sure that everything is perfect, both linguistic and non-linguistic. I also translate a lot in order to train and I have been improving thanks to all the feedback from my sponsor! There is a lot of pressure on the job, because everything has to be absolutely perfect, so there is no room for error. It makes my internship all the more interesting and challenging!

The linguists are fun and nice, and there is a very dynamic atmosphere which I find inspiring! There is also always fresh fruit and coffee 🙂 I made friends with people from around the world with whom I can share my passion for languages and linguistics thanks to my internship!

The weather is also great, so after work a stroll to the beach with feet in the sea is mandatory!!



Agathe et Maria - AudioprojectsD’Agathe Mathieu (M1) et Maria Rodriquez (M2) :

¡ Hola ! de la part d ‘ Agathe et de Maria. Nous avons fait notre stage à Audioprojects, une entreprise de post-production en Espagne . C’était une expérience très enrichissante qui nous a permis d’apprendre les bases du doublage, ainsi que tout le procédé qu’il y a derrière…. Et bien sûr, on a pu profit er du magnifique climat espagnol !

Postcard from UtrechtDe Juliette Arlen en Master 1 :

Greetings from Utrecht in the Netherlands, where I’m doing my internship at Overtaal Language Services, a daughter company of Transperfect.

I am working as a Project Manager in the Benelux team. We work on all kinds of translation projects, mainly from Dutch. My role is to conduct a project from its very beginning to its end. I calculate the budget to spend, choose and contact the right linguists, and make sure that the project goes smoothly.

Being a project manager is not always easy and sometimes you have to work under pressure, but I like a challenge and I’m enjoying what I’m doing!

Everyone in my team is around my age and we come from all different parts of the world. I love being part of a young, dynamic and multicultural team!

The Netherlands are sure a nice place to live and work in, although the weather can be quite difficult to deal with. I’m actually cycling to work everyday and loving it!



Chiara Neuhaus - carte postale

De Chiara Neuhaus en Master 2:

Heya everyone!

This year I’m undertaking my internship at VoiceBox, which is a voice-over and subtitling company based in Swansea, Wales.

I’m getting involved in a lot of projects involving subtitles, translations, transcriptions and much more. I do enjoy it and my team is really great.

We share our office with our sister company Wolfestone. This creates a really fun multicultural atmosphere.

So, as you might noticed, I’m having great fun and would almost love to stay here… Almost… If the weather could be as nice as in the lovely south-west of France, I’d be happy to adapt to the Welsh accents.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their placements.

Hwyl fawr!


Anaïs Brenière (M1) ci scrive da Milano:

Hello dear person who reads my message!

I am writing from Milan, where I am currently doing my internship, in a Localization company called Synthesis.

For now, it is a really good internship. They don’t really know how to deal with interns because they are not used to hiring them but I really like it anyway.

There are a lot of foreigners working here so we all are in an international environment and I am talking in French, English and Italian, which is perfect for me! We switch languages at work, during parties and also at lunch, in nice restaurants with good Italian food.

People are reaaaaally nice, funny and so helpful… it’s like a second Erasmus for me 😀

The work is new, I am actually part of the Localization Quality Assurance Tester team. We take care of testing video games and apps localized in other languages (in French for us) to check if the localization matches. It is really interesting, even maybe more than translation itself. I really like it and I could actually stay here… Well, I say this because I’ve been here for less than a month but I really do appreciate this part of the process.

Anyway, everything is fine for me and I hope everything is going well in Dijon as well! And anywhere else, for the other interns! 😀

Will, I will have an Italian beer for you!

See you soon and take care.

Anaïs Brenière, from Milan with joy.

Une carte inaugurale pour 2017 : Audrey Burckel en M1

Greetings from Dublin, and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I am currently doing my internship at the customer service department at MoGi. This company provides a customer support and a localization service for a diverse range of clients from the video game industry. My work now consists of duties such as investigating what we can do for players and give the appropriate answer to them. Currently, I am taking care of the French and German player bases. In the short time I have been working here I have gained lots of knowledge about how to process a players demands and endorsed some responsibility regarding the management of the German team. I am also working in collaboration with the localization department, which is a nice change. We work continuously under a strict time deadline, but this does not keep us from playing board games at lunch time! I have the chance to have wonderful colleagues, who are always available to answer questions and make jokes.



TranslitDe Juliane Daudan en Master 1 :

Greetings from Limerick,

Aside from translating documents and writing articles all day long for the company’s blog, I have many opportunities to attend business meetings and events of all kinds, which is really awesome. Being treated as an equal by CEOs of big Irish companies is rather priceless 😉

Everything is going on very well, even the weather!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so four pictures almost make an internship report…
De Marie Valerio en Master 2 (Millenium Film Festival, Bruxelles) :

Millennium Film FestivalI did my internship at the Millenium International Documentary Film Festival in Brussels. My job was to subtitle documentaries as well as some trailers for the festival. I also had the occasion to work on the event, to meet some of the directors and protagonists of the films and to see how a film festival works from the inside. Although the deadlines were really tight and we were always in a rush, it was an overall great experience and an interesting challenge, as I had to work on many different films about many different topics.

Puisque tous les stages se terminent un jour, et que toutes les cartes postales ne sont pas numériques…
De Maria Rodriquez et Thibaut Fruhinsholz en Master 1 (Ales Group, Dublin) :


De Marion Degueurce en Master 1 :Total Casting

Salut tout le monde!

Je fais mon stage a Montréal, dans une agence de casting et de post-production. Je m’occupe principalement de la coordination des castings de voix pour des enregistrements (publicités, jeux vidéos, documentaires etc.). C’est vraiment intéressant de découvrir l’importance des voix qu’on choisis pour un doublage, surtout ici au Québec, où  les accents et dialectes sont encore plus nombreux qu’en France. J’ai également fait un peu de sous-titrage et de gestion de site internet, bref mes taches sont super variées. De plus, les gens ici sont adorables et la ville incroyable, ce qui ne gâche rien a mon séjour tabernacle!

Atlas TranslationsFrom Chiara Neuhaus in Master 1 :

Greetings from St Albans, England, where I’m currently doing my internship at Atlas Translations.

Here I’m learning everything a project manager should know. Together with very friendly colleagues our work is to send out quotes, find the perfect translator for each project, do some proofreading and prepare all the paper work involved by this kind of work (purchase orders, invoices, remittances etc..).

During my first two months here I was also able to explore London (only 20 minutes away) and other parts of the UK. I hope I will be able to see even more of the country in the remaining months.

Un mot joyeux de Julien Dross en Master 2 :

Julien et son contrat de travail

C’est avec une satisfaction non dissimulée que je vous annonce, photo à l’appui, que j’ai aujourd’hui, au milieu de ma dernière semaine de stage auprès de Leginda GmbH, signé un contrat de travail pour y devenir chef de projet. Merci au Master T2M d’avoir provoqué indirectement cette opportunité!

De Guillaume Lhoumaud, Master 2 2014-15 :

audioprojectsJ’ai fait mon stage dans un petit studio de doublage catalan, situé à 40 km de Barcelone.
L’ambiance y est bonne et le travail plutôt agréable.
J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir toucher un peu à tous les aspects du doublage et de découvrir où et comment avaient été doublés certains films que j’avais vus.
Très bonne expérience si on aime la vie de toute petite ville ou si on est prêt à faire l’aller/retour depuis Barcelone tous les jours.

Elena Longo - ARTISD’Elena Longo en Master 2 :

Je fais mon stage dans l’agence de services linguistiques Artis Project, située dans la ville italienne de Viterbo. L’agence est spécialisée dans les services d’accessibilité culturelle pour personnes des déficiences visuelles et auditives. Je m’occupe du sous-titrage pour les sourds et les malentendants de séries TV, de films destinés au cinéma et aux festivals (comme le ‘International Cine Deaf Film Festival’ de Rome), et de DVD.

Dubbing brothersDe Sophie Gé en Master 2 :

Je fais mon stage dans le service sous-titrage de l’entreprise Dubbing Brothers en Plaine Saint-Denis. J’aide les chargés de production avec certaines de leurs tâches. Cela me permet de découvrir et d’utiliser les différentes techniques de sous-titrage et je gère également certains projets comme les séries de Disney Channel.

Panorama BarceloneDe Charles Calleja en Master 2 :

Since January, I’ve been holding the position of Vendor Manager Intern at TransPerfect Barcelona. As such, I am in charge of recruiting and testing freelance translators in Asian language pairs (Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Malay…) as well as subject matter experts and cultural consultants for specific clients. I’ve also been enjoying everything Barcelona has to offer, from the beach to the many bars and restaurants, the nightlife and amazing views at every corner.

Shogun MotoDe Fanny Carnat en Master 2 :

Je suis actuellement en stage en région parisienne à Shogunmoto, un site de e-commerce spécialisé dans la pièce moto. Je traduis pour eux les catalogues de fournisseurs étrangers pour pouvoir les intégrer sur le site internet. C’est de la traduction très technique mais vraiment intéressante ! Le job rêvé pour une fana de moto !

1GlobalTranslators internsDe Philippine Laroche en Master 1 :

(Wishing You Were Here)

1GlobalTranslators is a Spanish translation agency located in front of the arenas in Barcelona and was created in the early 2000s.

For more information about the tasks I’ve been working on, please take a moment to look at BecomingBarcelonians, a blog created by our interns.

Dubbing BrothersDe Csilla Fraichard en Master 2 :

Je suis actuellement en stage dans l’entreprise Dubbing Brothers, située à la Plaine Saint Denis. Je travaille au service doublage où j’assiste les chargés de production dans diverses tâches aboutissant à la réalisation de la version française de nombreuses séries TV.

Ekaterina Blakitnaya - XOS LearningEkaterina Blakitnaya (Master 2 T2M/E-langues) nous écrit :

J’effectue mon stage au sein de l’entreprise XOS-learning située à Villennes-sur-Seine, dans le domaine de l’e-learning et spécialiste du fast learning.
J’ai un poste avec une double mission chez XOS-learning.
Premièrement, je suis conceptrice pédagogique au niveau de la production des formations.
Et pour ma deuxième mission je vais traduire les formations existantes en anglais et en russe.

Brodkast Studios - Carte postale d'Hélène GouletUne carte inaugurale d’Hélène Goulet en Master 2 :

Je fais un stage en télé-travail dans l’entreprise Brodkast située à Montreuil durant lequel je traduis essentiellement des documentaires animaliers (en voice over) mais je réalise également des traductions de vidéos d’entreprises destinées à être utilisées pour du sous-titrage.

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