Secondment ESR7 Patricia Dos Santos

Patrìcia (ESR7) did her 1st secondment from 31/07/17 to 08/09/17. She left Odense in Denmark to Galway in Ireland.

This experience of going to NUIG was quite exciting because I had the chance to get to know another country/city and another lab. Going to an English-speaking country made me feel a bit more relaxed, however you can find some funny accents. But in general, this made my experience easier every time I was shopping or I needed to ask for some direction. Even though I went to Galway during the Summer, the weather decided to trick me and I jumped directly to Autumn season. But since I was coming from Denmark, that did not scare me at all! Workwise, the lab was a bit different from my lab and I had to adapt to new rules and new ways of doing things. It was interesting to see the different routines in the lab and this is for sure an enriching experience! Regarding the work performed, I definitely gained with this chance of learning and applying new methods. I could perform experiments that I wouldn’t be able to do in my lab and therefore I obtained some exciting results. The experience was positive, I learned, I got some new results, and I had the chance to collaborate with other members of List_MAPS.



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