International Symposium
Foodborne pathogens: from farm to pharmacy!
26th April 2018, Kinsale, Ireland


Abstract submission deadline extended to 15th March


The H2020 MSCA ETN Network List_MAPS welcomes you to its symposium which will be held in the historic town of Kinsale, on the south coast of Ireland. Contamination of foodstuff by pathogenic microorganisms is a major safety issue and a burden to the food industry. Many routes may lead to food contamination from farm to fork.

The symposium will address several facets of the ecology of foodborne pathogens including their intraspecific biodiversity, the mechanisms of biofilm and habitat colonization, regulation processes, GI tract survival and infection throughout the continuum from farmland to the consumer. From basic to applied research, the meeting will welcome microbiologists, system biologists, molecular biologists from both academia and industry interested in the biology of foodborne pathogens and food safety.

This conference is part of the conference satellite meetings organised with the EFB’ conference « Microbial Stress: from systems to molecules and back » held from 23 to 25 April:


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