Native Scientist in Ireland


Native ScientistNative ScientistNative Scientist

Vanessa Las Heras (ESR 2) participated to the Native Scientist workshop in Ireland.

This was the first Native Scientist workshop in Ireland. Native Scientist is a non-profit enterprise that connects immigrant pupils and scientists to tackle educational disadvantage and promote science and language literacy.

During this Native Scientist workshop, which took place at St. Peter’s Cork, on Saturday, the 7th of October and was organized by Dra Ana Almeida in collaboration with the Education and Public Engagement team at the APC Microbiome Institute, scientists talked about the immune system, the gut microbiota and the gut-brain axis.

A group of 4 expat researchers from Portugal and Brazil took their lab coats off to inspire Portuguese-speaking pupils to do science and celebrate their bilingual nature through a group of lab workshops related to their research area of interest.

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