NeuroGeMM Research Group

Neuro-Genetics of Mouse Models


Welcome to Clémence Alibert (right, October 2021)!









An intern student (Narjisse Kenani) analyzing mouse brain images (December 2020)






Happy Birthday celebration with group members (left to right: Charlotte Montillot, Perrine Kretz and Sylvie Nguyen, July 2020)








Group photo (left to right: Jules Roussey, Bryan Capi, Maxence Milhau, Binnaz Yalcin, Stephan Collins, Charlotte Montillot and Sylvie Nguyen, January 2020)









Setup of neurobehavioral phenotyping at Inserm Unit 1231 GAD (from left to right: Charlotte Montillot and Stephan Collins, October 2019)















Mary Lyon Award Talk for excellent independent female researcher (September 2019)















Welcoming Party at Inserm 1231 GAD Dijon France (first row left to right: Stephan Collins, Directors Laurence Faivre and Christel Thauvin-Robinet, and Binnaz Yalcin, August 2019)















Celebrating our Nature Communications 2019 Paper at the IGBMC Strasbourg France thanks to our great collaborators especially Valérie Vancollie and Christopher Lelliott at Sanger UK (July 2019)












Retreat of IGBMC Group Leaders with Director Bertrand Séraphin (left, May 2018)










Group photo (left to right: Christel Depienne, David Gualberto, Gilles Leininger, Perrine Kretz, Binnaz Yalcin, Christel Wagner, Marie-Christine Fischer and Stephan Collins, January 2017)








IGBMC Christmas Party Strasbourg France (December 2016)

11th International Meeting on CNV and Genes in Autism Troina Italy (April 2016)

Department Retreat Château du Liefrauenberg Alsace France (March 2016)

Perrine Kretz and Meghna Kannan at the Department Retreat Château du Liefrauenberg Alsace France (March 2016)

Gutenberg Prize Award Ceremony (February 2016)

Group photo (left to right: Meghna Kannan, Stephan Collins, Perrine Kretz, Léo Gagliardi, Christel Wagner, Mariane Litt and Binnaz Yalcin, January 2016)

2nd International GENCODYS Conference on Integrative Networks in Intellectual Disabilities Chania Greece (April 2015)

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