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April 2024, here is the brainXtract team with Emilia Skutunova, Stephan Collins, Antoine Schieb, Taiabur Rahman and Alain Vitrey (left to right) at the Datathon IA4CARE Forum 2024 in Dijon. A big thank-you goes to the entire team, including Victor Alexandre, Pierre Lambert, Zhiling Qian, Laya Salazar Lafon, as well as to the Organizing Committee for yet another successful event! During the forum, our team achieved significant milestones, particularly in the automatic segmentation of both the entire 3D brain and specific regions such as the hippocampus. These achievements were facilitated by the utilization of various algorithms leveraging deep learning tools, such as UNet, nnUnet, and pix2pix.


February 19th 2024, congratulations to Juan Cisneros for giving an outstanding talk at the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference in San Diego on « Automatic Segmentation of Histological Images of the Mouse Brain »!



January 2024, members of the NeuroGeMM laboratory with Emilia Skutunova, Maelle Tbatou, Charline Parisis, Siwar Ben Ayache, Eloise Domet, Binnaz Yalcin, Stephan Collins, Falilatou Saka and Rania Farsi (left to right).



December 12th 2023, lunch party in Strasbourg to celebrate Dr Perrine Kretz’s remarkable achievement in publishing her work on the neurobiology of the vault in Genome Biology! This paper marks a significant milestone in our understanding of this enigmatic cellular organelle, and I’m hopeful that we can further explore its mysteries.



October 20th 2023, one of our favorite activities: lunch parties to warmly welcome new students!


September 1st 2023,  Charlotte defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Huge congratulations to Dr Charlotte Montillot! You did a great job and we are all very proud of you!


June 2023, outreach comic strip (in French) for lay-audiences by INSERM EST (Emilie Denat-Turgis and her team) and Maite Robert on 10 selected ANR-funded projects (see  including the WDR project featuring our team’s work on the importance of WDR genes in the biology of the corpus callosum.


June 2023, IRC5 meeting in London with amazing colleagues/friends and brainstorming discussions! Photo: Ludovica Pasca, Diego Szczupak, Rhonda Booth, Gregor Kasprian, Romina Romaniello, Binnaz Yalcin, Lynn Paul, Jasmin Turner, Christel Depienne and Tania Attie-Bitach (left to right).


June 2023, inspiring visit of the Francis Crick Institute and very nice meeting with Donald Bell, Kenneth Ho and Fabrice Prin to talk about the latest innovations in imaging and microscopy!


June 2023, very nice and friendly congress organized by the French Histotechnology Association here in Dijon where Juan Cisneros, Lucile Tonneau and Stephan Collins presented their work!


March 2023, we are in Japan at the IMGC Tsukuba meeting. Great conference! Enjoying the cherry blossom season with friends and colleagues from the International Mammalian Genome Society!


March 2023, exciting meeting with Prof Toshiyuki Araki and his team at the National Institute of Neuroscience in Tokyo talking about the biology of the vault organelle!


March 2023, the spirit of having fun while working hard (no less than 36 hours non-stop over a weekend) at the Datathon IA4CARE Dijon to develop informatics tools in Artificial Intelligence for 2D Mouse Brain Anatomical Phenotypes (AI-MBAP). Well done and what a great team!


March 2023, here is the MBAP team with Ismail Salah, Ganael Bidaut, Dylan Marchant, Victor Alexandre, Laya Salazar Lafon, Juan Cisneros Jacome, Florian Fizaine and Stephan Collins (left to right) at the Datathon IA4CARE Forum in Dijon. A big thank-you goes to the Organizing Committee for this successful event!


February 2023, members of the NeuroGeMM laboratory with Binnaz Yalcin, Lucile Tonneau, Emeline Richter, Océane Musset, Elisa Mischler and Stephan Collins (left to right).


October 2022, our lab contributed to the New Book “Translational Research Methods in Neuro-developmental Disorders » Edited by Stéphane Martin and Frédéric Laumonnier (Springer Nature). Great book for students!


September 2022, lab members are celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the University of Burgundy!


July 2022, we are in Vancouver at the 35th International Mammalian Genome Conference! It is Awards Banquet at Grouse Mountain.


July 2022, it is early morning and we are on the train to Paris for the FENS meeting!


July 2022, after two great presentations at the FENS, it is time for celebrations!


June 2022, we are in Besancon for the 10th Scientific Days on Autophagy!


March 2022, Charlotte wins the semi-final Three Minute Thesis Competition! Congrats, amazing job!


February 2022, it is time for the Assises in Rennes!


November 2021, we are very excited to have received our new high-resolution episcopic microscopy.


October 2021, welcome to Clémence Alibert (right)!


December 2020, an intern student (Narjisse Kenani) is analyzing mouse brain images.


July 2020, Happy Birthday celebration with Charlotte Montillot, Perrine Kretz and Sylvie Nguyen (left to right).



January 2020, photo of the group with Jules Roussey, Maxence Milhau, Bryan Capi, Binnaz Yalcin, Stephan Collins, Charlotte Montillot and Sylvie Nguyen (left to right).


October 2019, lab members are setting up mouse phenotyping pipelines required for the scientific project.


September 2019, Mary Lyon Award Talk. Thank you IMGS for recognizing our contributions to the field of mammalian brain biology!


September 2019, reunion with old friends from Oxford and Cambridge and collaborators.


August 2019, Welcoming Party in Dijon! We are very excited and looking forward to working with our new colleagues.


July 2019, we are celebrating our Nature Communications 2019 Paper! Thank you Valerie Vancollie and Chris Lelliott (Sanger UK) for a great collaboration !



May 2018, Retreat of IGBMC Group Leaders.


October 2nd 2017, Anna Mikhaleva defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Congrats, outstanding presentation!


January 2017, photo of the group with Christel Depienne, David Gualberto, Gilles Leininger, Perrine Kretz, Binnaz Yalcin, Christel Wagner, Marie-Christine Fischer and Stephan Collins (left to right).



December 2016, IGBMC Christmas Party!


November 23rd 2016, Meghna Kannan defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Congrats, amazing job!


November 23rd 2016, Meghna Kannan (left) and Anna Mikhaleva (right) post-PhD defense.



April 2016, 11th International Meeting on CNV and Genes in Autism Troina Italy.



March 2016, Department Retreat Château du Liefrauenberg Alsace France.


March 2016, after two great presentations at the Department Retreat, it is time to chill out !



February 2016, Gutenberg Prize Award Ceremony.



January 2016, photo of the group with Meghna Kannan, Stephan Collins, Perrine Kretz, Léo Gagliardi, Christel Wagner, Mariane Litt and Binnaz Yalcin (left to right).



April 2015, 2nd International GENCODYS Conference on Integrative Networks in Intellectual Disabilities Chania Greece.

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