Secondment ESR1 Maja Brunhede

Maja (ESR1) did her secondment from 30/04/18 to 18/05/18. She left Dijon in France to Cork in Ireland.

Doing a secondment at UCC in Cork, Ireland, was very instructive in regards to laboratory techniques and skills. Experiencing how things work and are done in a different lab in a different country is always interesting and puts everything into perspective.
The main experiment during my secondment included working with murine cells, something completely new to me, and very exciting. I can now add these new skills to my resume as I have expanded my reservoir of knowledge and practical techniques to extend beyond the small scope of microbiology. Furthermore, I have once again worked with RNA, origin from a difficult environment, making me more of an expert in the field of extracting RNA.
On a more personal level, living in Ireland for only a short time, was the first time I really experienced a cultural shock. As they were in the middle of a vote on the rights to abortion, I realized the differences that could exist between countries even within the EU. Despite this, my experience is that the Irish is a very talkative and pleasant people. Furthermore, the Irish nature is quite beautiful, with the rain a part of its charm. I especially enjoyed the Old Library of Trinity College Dublin, which is an impressive old library.




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