Secondment ESR5 Tiago Santos

Kir Lake

Tiago (ESR5) did his 2nd secondment from 04/07/18 to 13/07/18. He didn’t leave his employment country, France, but he left Clermont-Ferrand to Dijon.

“My second and last secondment was at the Université de Bourgogne, INRA UMR Agroécologie established in the beautiful Dijon city, France. Even if it was a short stay of 2 weeks, I got a lot from this experience at the work and personal level. Everyone in the institute well welcomed me, and the lab work went smoothly. I got interesting and relevant results that will further complement my thesis work. During this three years of PhD, I have had the chance to visit a couple of cities, and Dijon is one of those that keeps its place as one of the best. A dynamic city with a beautiful and culturally rich centre that offers peace and quiet life as you discover all its streets and rich museums. Plus, the campus in which INRA Dijon is integrated has large open spaces that allowed us, the researches, to stop for a moment and enjoy lunch outside. Dijon’s Kir lake offered some freshness during a warm month of July. During this time, the ball was rolling in Russia’s World Cup, and it was also unique to witness the whole city celebrating France’s victory.”




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