Accommodation and meals


  • We can provide accommodation at the University residence. All rooms (“studettes”) include an individual bathroom with shower. Such room can be booked through the registration process for 36 € for one night, including breakfast.
    Warning: The number of such rooms is limited to 114. Please register early to book one. *** June 2023: All campus rooms have already been booked ***
  • If you wish to book you room yourself, there are also a few possibilities on the campus at the International house (in this case, you should contact this house directly).
  • And, of course, there are many nice hotels in Dijon! But please book early, August being a highly touristic period.


  • We can provide lunches (Monday-Friday) and dinners (Tuesday and Thursday) at the University restaurant Mansart. This consists in special improved meals (not standard student meals!), elaborated specially for this conference. The price is 12 € / meal.
    All menus can be found on this page!
  • The conference dinner (Banquet on Wednesday evening, after touristic excursion, free for all participants) menu is also available here.
  • A cold meal can be bought (22.22 €) when registering for arrival on Sunday evening, August 27th.

Note on dietary requirements:

  • Concerning meals taken at University and the Banquet, there are too many possible dietary restrictions (gluten-free, lactose-free, pork-free, vegetarian, vegetalian, vegan, ketogenic, …) so that, unfortunately, we cannot satisfy all of them. This would be extremely complex and expensive to organize. What we can only firmly guarantee is the possibility to have vegetarian meals.
  • You can indicate that you wish to have vegetarian meals on the registration form (at checkout).
  • For all other cases, like gluten allergy for instance, our advice is to look for a restaurant offering this in Dijon or to buy adapted food in a nearby shop.

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