The Colloquium will be held at the “Faculté des Sciences Mirande” of the “Université de Bourgogne”, 9 ave. Alain Savary, DIJON – FRANCE (approximately 25 mn by tramway from the train station). See “UFR – Sciences et Techniques” mark on the above map.

  • When coming by train, you can take tramway (“T1” line) in front of the main station and exit at “Université” on the campus. This takes ca. 25 minutes. Tickets can be bought at automatic machines at each station (by credit card or cash). Do not thraw away your ticket, this is a magnetic card that can be reloaded!
  • When coming by car from Paris (highway A6 and then A38), do not cross downtown Dijon but rather stay on the higway and take the “LINO” (Liaison Nord) that goes around the city and exit at “Université”. If you come by car from noth (highway A31) or south (highway A6 and A31), follow “Dijon centre” to reach the “Georges Pompidou” express way and then exit at “Université”.

The “Registration Desk” will open on Sunday August 27th, 2023 at 4 pm.

Here is a tram & bus line map (click on inage for full size):

Here is a detailed campus and HRMS site map (click on picture for full size):

Entrance of the main building (click on picture for full size):


Once inside, just follow the directions to the “Registration Desk” and we will be there to welcome you!

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