Light-Matter Interfaces for Quantum Enhanced Technologies


LIMQUET (Light-Matter Interfaces for Quantum Enhanced Technologies) is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network project funded by the European Commission. The network is composed of academic and industrial partners from Germany, France, Bulgaria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Structured around a team of quantum, optical and material physicists, the project aims at training high-level young researchers through the development of innovative techniques to interface light and matter at the quantum level using atoms, nanostructures and photons, with applications in optics and quantum information processing. Our efforts will be focused on topics such as the creation of light-matter interfaces at the quantum level through the realisation of quantum networks using atoms, ions, and photons ; interfacing light with light, in particular for light storage ; adapting strategies originally developed in quantum optics to an integration into designed nanostructures or the development of robust tools for quantum control and photonics.

Within the LIMQUET project, the fellows will acquire top-level technical and scientific skills, but also engage in innovative communication actions directed towards both the scientific community and the general audience, and benefit from interactions with our industrial partners, from which they will learn about industry-relevant topics beyond technological developments, such as commercial exploitation of research results, project management in industry, economics, issues of intellectual properties, and market-driven research.


LIMQUET in numbers:

  • Duration: 4.5 years (1st January 2018 — 30th June2022)
  • 10 partners (7 academic and 3 industrial)
  • 5 European Countries
  • 15 Early Stage Researchers



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