Big dilemma: academia/industry

by Ana Mićević

Hello everyone!

Since this is my first blog post (on this blog and actually ever), I was a bit nervous about writing it, since I never was particularly good at writing and also, until recently, I didn´t really realize how important sharing your experiences with people is. But, reading about people´s experiences has helped me a lot in making decisions and gathering important informations a few times by now. You never know who is going to end up in a similar situation and whom you´re gonna help by writing a simple blog post. 🙂

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Science Clubs – Colombia 2019

by Juan Rafael Alvarez Velasquez

Hello again! My name is Juan Rafael Álvarez, and I am a Colombian second year PhD student at the University of Oxford. I am doing my PhD as an Early Stage Research fellow, sponsored by LIMQUET (Light Matter Interfaces for Quantum Enhanced Technologies), an Innovative Training Network of the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, a project funded by the European Commission.

Aside from being in the laboratory, I enjoy teaching and sharing surprising scientific results with other people. I think that, as Carl Sagan put it, science is a candle in the dark, guiding us to understand more and more about the world we live in, the universe we live in, and about ourselves. No other period in history has been as prosperous and comfortable for humans as this present one, and scientific inquiry of the world has made this possible.

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My first secondment

by Astghik Saharyan

Have you ever dreamt about being in Oxford, studying there or, even more, carrying out research? Well, a couple of years ago I wouldn’t even dare to dream about it, but here I am sitting in the most advanced physics facility in Europe (yes, apparently The Beecroft Building at the University of Oxford won an award for being the most advanced physics facility in Europe) and writing a blog.

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Manipulate single photon emitter on nano chip — Part 1

by Xiao Yu

200 years ago, the establishment of the electromagnetic field theory triggered a technological revolution. From telephone to radio, people benefit a lot from controlling the electromagnetic field. Every discovery of new mode of interaction can profoundly change human society. Nowadays, this “new” interaction is quantum mechanics.

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My first big conference

by Mateja Pršlja

I got a great opportunity to be a participant at the MCQST-Technion Symposium on Quantum Science and Technology, which took place at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Munich.

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The Bisontine student life

by Kirthanaa Indumathi

I live in Besançon, a quaint little town* nestled in the bends of the Doubs, which houses the FEMTO-ST Institute. I am Kirthanaa Indumathi, an Early Stage Researcher with the LIMQUET project doing my PhD in the optics department at FEMTO-ST. Most of my work involves developing systems to manipulate and generate frequency-bin entangled photons for quantum communication applications. Information on our work can be found easily on research papers that are publically available. What I would like to share with you today is my personal experience living in France as a student.

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Me and my Quantum Lifestyle

by Hayk Gevorgyan

About me:
I’m a Marie-Curie research fellow at Sofia University in the group of « Quantum Optics and Information », for the project « LIMQUET » – « Light-Matter Interfaces for Quantum Enhanced Technologies » funded by the EU « Horizon 2020 » programme.

Reach the goal:
To achieve a goal like a qualified position, communication and feedback skills with the outside world are always necessary – large-scale, fast and smart. Then the answer to the question « can you store what you have acquired and grow? » mainly depends on your inner world.

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My experience as a Marie Curie fellow

by Muhammad Ahmed

I am Muhammad Ahmed, a PhD student at Teem Photonics company in collaboration with the Laboratory of Light, nano-materials and nanotechnologies (L2n) of University of Technology of Troyes (UTT). Through my PhD I had the chance to be closely in contact with experts (i.e. R&D engineers and technicians) in the industrial field, I learned how to work under stress and how to be flexible when you face a delay in your experimental work because the industrial environment is totally different from research centres or universities.

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