Lab School

The LIMQUET Lab School was organized by QuTools and took place on the 21st of February of 2022 from 12:45 to 15:00 (CET) in an online format.
The industry participants in the project will present case studies of R&D work or other industry-relevant topics, followed by Q&A sessions for discussions with the ESRs.

The program of the School :

12:45-13:55 Introduction to the industry seminar, Slava Tzanova, qutools

13:00-13:30 Case study in R&D from Teem Photonics + Q&A session, Cécil Pham, Teem Photonics

13:30-14:00 Case study in R&D from qutools + Q&A session, Slava Tzanova, qutools

14:00-14:30 Case study in R&D from QuBig + Q&A session, Enrico Vogt, QuBig

14:30-15:00 Case study in R&D from AUREA + Q&A session, Jean-Marc Merolla, AUREA

Slide from the introductory presentation         IndustrySeminarScreenshotPresentation

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