Ana’s project


Ana Mićević


Phone: +49 (0)89 2302 9101

Institution: QuBig GmbH

supervisor: Enrico Vogt

Project Title: Universal electro-optic modulator (WP3)

We will develop a complete system consisting of a universal electro-optic modulator (uEOM) and a dedicated driver that is capable of delivering fast and arbitrary optical modulation signals in terms of phase, amplitude, single-sideband and polarization modulation. In addition we aim at achieving a system that is capable of reaching any point on the Poincare sphere, i.e. arbitrary polarization states. Ana will be co-supervised by the Technische Universität München (TUM). She will learn the concepts of automatic optimization procedures to shape laser pulses, in order to perform system performance tests of universal electro-optic modulators under realistic conditions, i.e. to coherently drive a quantum system, e.g. a single defect in a solid-state system.

Expected Results: We will investigate and identify the most promising electro-optical crystal materials and its orientation. We will design suitable thermo-mechanical crystal mounts for high power RF operation.We will develop and explore appropriate phase-sensitive radio-frequency circuits and driver electronics. The expected final result will be a fully functional device, as an enabling technology for experimental quantum optics.


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