Corentin’s project

Corentin Pignot


Phone: +44 (0)1273 87 7673

Institution: University of Sussex

supervisor: Matthias Keller

Project Title: Fibre-tip cavities for strongly coupled light-matter interfaces (WP2)

The objectives of Corentin’s project is (i) to set up an ion-trap fibre-cavity system to strongly couple singe photons and ions, and (ii) to investigate its application as an ion-photon interface quantum network. Corentin will set up a newly designed system to couple trapped ions to optical fibre cavities. The system comprises of a novel trap design and newly developed fibre tip cavities with superior mode matching properties. This system will strongly couple a single trapped ion and single photons and will provide the fundamental building block for quantum networks. With a novel cavity technology, which has been developed at UoS, high quantum state transfer efficiencies between the ion and photons can be achieved. Supported by his advisor and a postdoctoral research assistant, Corentin will demonstrate the strong coupling between a single trapped ion and the cavity in which the coherent interaction between the cavity field and the ion dominates the dissipative processes in the system. This unique setup will then be utilized to demonstrate the basic functionality as a ion-photon interface by demonstrating the highly efficient, high fidelity state mapping between ion and photon.
Corentin will be co-supervised by UBT having expertise for modelling and simulation of the control of quantum state transfer. During the secondment at UBT , he will be trained about adiabatic Floquet techniques in order to develop realistic models of specific robust control schemes by shaped pulses.

Expected Results: The project will result in the first demonstration of strong coupling between ions and cavity and ion-photon state mapping.

Additional Activities: Beyond these research activities, Corentin is in charge of the digital communication of the ITCM (Ion-Trap, Cavity QED & Molecular Physics) group, led by Matthias Keller.


UoS = University of Sussex

UBT = Université de Bourgogne (Theory)

Articles and reports:

Article published in Scientific Reports (2020)

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