Hayk’s project


Hayk Gevorgyan

E-mail: haykgev95@gmail.com

Phone: +359886811078

Institution: Foundation for Theoretical and Computational Physics and Astrophysics

supervisor: Nikolay Vitanov


Project Title: High-fidelity rotation quantum gates for single-photon generation (WP1)

Composite pulses – sequences of pulses with well defined relative phases – offer unique control features in terms of ultrahigh precision, stability to variations of the experimental parameters, flexibility and tunability. This project will deliver new types of composite single and two-qubit quantum gates, and composite quantum memories. These include composite pulses that induce very low transition probability especially suitable for high-fidelity deterministic generation of single photons by an atomic ensemble.
Hayk’s thesis will be co-supervised by TUDA, where he will study the feasibility on experimental implementation of a high-fidelity deterministic single-photon source using an atomic ensemble.

Expected Results: We shall (1) design new high-fidelity robust quantum gates and (2) develop new methods for deterministic single-photon generation by an atomic ensemble.


TUDA = Technical University of Darmstadt

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