Juan’s project


Juan Rafael Alvarez Velasquez

E-mail: Juan.Alvarezvelasquez@physics.ox.ac

Phone: +44 (0) 1865 272565

Institution: University of Oxford

supervisor: Axel Kuhn


Project Title: Hybrid quantum processing with atoms & photons in photonic networks (mainly WP2, also WP3)

This project is aiming at the combination of integrated optics with single photons from strongly coupled atom-cavity systems. Besides demonstrating linear-optical quantum gates, multi-mode interferometers and photonic quantum walks, the major idea of this new project is to investigate the usefulness of time-bin encoding within photons and to exploit atom-photon entanglement in the photon-emission process. The challenge will be to combine our existing single-photon emitters and the superconductive nanowire single-photon detectors with silica-on-silicon photonic chips carrying the LOQC networks. For doing so, a photonic switchyard consisting of electro-optic devices and fibre delay lines will be used to route the photons into the desired channels with the correct timing. Photon-photon correlation experiments are then going to be used to verify and demonstrate quantum supremacy of the networks under investigation. Juan will be co-supervised by UBE with the aim of transposing atom/ion-cavity schemes to nano-scale light-matter interaction using plasmon-atom coupled system and near field nano-optics.

Expected Results: Demonstration and development of a hybrid quantum processor that combines optical processing with atomic quantum memories.

Articles and reports:

Article published in Applied Physics Letters (2021), preprint
Article published in Optics Express (2020)

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