Mateja’s project


Mateja Pršlja


Phone: +49 89 321649590

Institution: QuTools GmbH

supervisor: Henning Weier


Project Title: Microscopy/spectroscopy with single photon detection and high timing resolution (WP3)

We will develop microscopes/spectroscopes with time-resolved single photon detection capability and high timing resolution. We will evaluate different options for microscopy/spectroscopy schemes, single photon detectors, TDCs, their respective interfaces and develop suitable analysis methods (especially time-resolved methods).
Mateja will be co-supervised by TUDA. The collaboration will be on novel techniques of single-photon quantum filtering as developed by TUDA to provide narrowband single-photon sources or to permit high-resolution single-photon detection. She will learn the basic concepts at TUDA, apply them in test experiments and explore their potential for single-photon detection in microscopy/spectroscopy, as planned by QuT.

Expected Results: Time-resolved microscope/spectroscopy prototype with single photon detection and analysis. It shall feature a time-to-digital converter (TDC) with a bin width of less than 50 ps and at least two channels. Analysis software for time-resolved photon counting.

QuT = QuTools GmbH

TUDA = Technical University of Darmstadt

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