Muhammad’s project


Muhammad Ahmed


Phone: +33 (0)3 51 59 13 20

Institution: Teem Photonics

supervisor: Fabien Geoffray


Project Title: High quality optical waveguides for efficient coupling to nanostructures (WP4)

The main objective is to develop a new waveguide-process for highly confined waveguide made of thallium ions in order to increase the confinement of light within the waveguide and to have a more efficient coupling to nanostructures at the surface. Muhammad will develop a taper process for fibre coupling optimisation, to design the waveguide matrix architecture compatible with the nanostructure parts, using photopolymerisation and functionalisation techniques. Muhammad will develop a polariser coupler compatible with the new process. The work will be developed in closed collaboration with UTT, where Muhammad will be co-supervised. The characterization of optical waveguides will be conducted during the secondment.

Expected Results: In material engineering: control of the exchange and the optical properties of the waveguides fabricated by the use of different ion exchange using thallium. In simulation: optimisation of the surface nanostructuration for maximum coupling efficiency with the emitter. The new original techniques will allow the controlled positioning of emitters (collaboration with Mackrine Nahra, ESR at UTT). Another expected end product will be a market and product survey on integrated single photon sources with a potentially commercialised product for TP.


TP = Teem Photonics
UTT = Université de Technologie de Troyes


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