About the course

This MA course in Intercultural Management is an English-language course for internationally mobile and open-minded students from around the world, who are interested in diversity and intercultural communication. The two-year course is designed to help students develop their skills and knowledge related to business, management, and a deep, critical understanding of the cultural dimension of interpersonal communication.

Unlike some courses which focus mainly on national-level cultural differences, the ICM course adopts a critical stance to intercultural communication, seeking to apply to the professional context the latest advances in intercultural communication research, It equips future graduates with all of the knowledge and skills necessary to approach the complexity of communication in various social contexts, often marked by identity and power issues, and to develop innovative solutions in a variety of professional roles.

The course will help students develop the following skills and knowledge:

  • cultural awareness and sensitivity to others and to questions of diversity in the workplace,
  • skills and knowledge of and in various languages and cultures, including French, up to professional level,
  • a complex understanding of and a critical approach to interculturality, cultures and identities, and their role in various interpersonal encounters, beyond simplistic approaches based on national differences.
  • various management / international management skills and an understanding of how organisations function professionally within a wider economic, social and legal environment (human resources, international marketing, geopolitics, strategic intelligence…).
  • knowledge of project management methods and tools and experience planning and executing projects as a team member and / or in a leadership role.
  • skills as a trainer planning courses, designing learning materials, setting up events.
  • research methodology, analytical tools and methods for conducting intercultural audits / consultancy.

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