About us

SIETAR Switzerland is a not-for-profit association established in 2015. It is part of a global group of SIETAR associations spanning all continents and a global leader in the intercultural field.  We are a partner of the UNESCO Intercultural Dialogue E-Platform. Through our educational programs, newsletter, mentoring program for new practitioners to the field and the promotion of research undertaken by our institutional and student members, SIETAR Switzerland provides an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of best practices between professionals working in the intercultural field.


Our Vision

We are a diverse community of individuals and organisations with a strong interest in the intercultural field. We strive to raise intercultural awareness, taking a stance on intercultural topics in our multicultural society. In a collaborative and inclusive spirit, we wish to provide a platform for intercultural dialogue and to serve as a point of reference.

Our Goals

  • We raise intercultural awareness.
  • We enhance intercultural dialogue.
  • We establish a network of intercultural professionals.
  • We enable cultural exchange across Switzerland through events, publications, and platforms.
  • We are politically and religiously independent.

In this age of globalization and migration, our societies are increasingly more diverse. Whilst these new forms of diversity are creating new opportunities, they are also raising many challenges, such as intolerance, prejudice and misunderstanding, social fragmentation and violent extremism. All of this undoubtedly raises new questions about the meaning of ‘progress’, about the foundations for peace and sustainability, for inter-culturalism and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

SIETAR (The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) believes that cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue are an asset, a soft power, that can help our societies address the complex challenges of tomorrow and undertake the major transformations required for the future of mankind on this planet.





Inter Cultural Association (ICA) ica-logo

ICA was founded by the ICM students of the University of Burgundy as a non-profit international student organisation. ICA consists of students with different professional, educational and cultural backgrounds. Our mission is to raise awareness for interculturality in Dijon and to contribute to intercultural exchange and understanding. We collaborate with partners within the educational, academic and professional sectors to organise various projects and activities.


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Project for 2017
Travelling Chameleon – Adapting to Intercultural Situations

Travelling Chameleon – Adapting to Intercultural Situations
Aims at raising intercultural awareness in schools and at developing intercultural skills that are increasingly important in a globalised context. During the workshops, offered in English by the Intercultural Management (ICM) students, the pupils can learn more about tolerance for cultural diversity and gain a broader multi-cultural knowledge. One of the main goals is to create a positive image of interculturality and become more open-minded towards other cultures. The workshop will allow the pupils to experience interculturality in an interactive and fun way. Even complex topics, such as stereotypes, culture shock or misunderstandings, will be presented through activities tailored to their age. By creating a positive learning environment, the participants will be able to share their opinions in discussions and take part in games that will encourage intercultural understanding.

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