Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the program taught entirely in English?
    The program is taught entirely in English. However, if you choose to complete your 4th semester’s internship in France (in French companies), a working knowledge of French is recommended.
  • Do I need to speak French to study this course?
    No, you will be given beginners French if you do not already speak it, or classes adapted to the level you have. If you are a fluent French speaker, you will study another language instead.
  • Do I need a certificate to prove my level of English?
    No. Your English will be tested during the application procedure.
  • Will I learn Finnish, Japanese, or Cantonese?
    Yes, your choice of language will depend on the exchange university to which you are assigned in September.
  • What are the grade requirements?
    We do not have any specific grade requirements. However, we encourage applicants with strong academic backgrounds to apply.
  • Should all my application documents be in French or English?
    The application documents you write should preferably be in English. Official documents (certificates, transcripts, etc.) should be translated into either French or English if they are not already in one of these two languages. Translations should be done officially by a sworn / court authorised translator and be certified by that person. You can register at the university with official documents translated into English, but for other administrative formalities in France, it may be advisable to choose French (rather than English) translations at the start, in order to avoid having to get them translated into French at a later date.

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