Career Opportunities after ICM


A variety of careers and positions are possible after the ICM course, which is both business-oriented and focused on diversity training and awareness. Graduates wanting to specialise in the intercultural dimension may go into consultancy or training work, either agency-based or freelance, whereas others might choose the human resources or international project management path, within an organisation, be it in the public, private, or voluntary sector. Below is a list of possible career choices after the MA course.

Private sector

Consultancy / Training (freelance / agency)

  • management consultant specialising in interculturality (freelance / agency): cultural audits & troubleshooting; advice on how to enter a particular market / the cultural dimension of mergers / joint ventures / negotiation / mediation / facilitating meetings / diversity  (e.g. Executive Diversity Services, the Kozai Group, Aperian Global)
  • trainer (freelance): tailored training packages for organisations, personalised coaching (e.g. Communicaid, IOR, Farnham Castle Training, Intercultural Communication bv)

Management (in-house)

  • human resources (multinational / preparing for mobility)
  • diversity and inclusion officer
  • international project management
  • internal communications
  • external communications / CSR
  • international marketing / sales / negotiation

Associative / voluntary sector

  • management role in a national / international NGO (e.g. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Human Rights First, International Organization for Migration, The International Red Cross, The International Rescue Committee, Oxfam International, Care International…)
  • project manager
  • trainer
  • lobbyist

Public sector

  • management role in government overseas agencies / international public bodies (UN, UNESCO, UNICEF…)
  • diplomatic / foreign service
  • social worker
  • educator / mediator
  • administrator (higher education, local government community initiatives…)
  • research (PhD)

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