MA Thesis


As part of the course, the students prepare an MA thesis, on a topic of their choice related to intercultural management, over the two years of study. At the end of the first year, they hand in a 20-page literature review and present the plan for the rest of their thesis. At the end of the second year, they hand in their final thesis and present their work in front of the first-year students.





Here is a list of subjects from previous years:


Japanese Cross-Cultural Competences – An analysis based on their life stories and critical incidents as expatriates
The preservation of Talian in Southern Brazil: language, culture and identity of its speakers
Subtitle: A case study on the sociolinguistic reality around the most widely spoken immigration language in the State of Rio Grande do Sul
Learning Interculturality from Resistance: A Case Study of How the Indigenous People’s Struggle enable Interculturality in the Philippines
Role of Education on the Formation of Cultural Citizenship
Peppering Patriarchy: An Analysis of Pepperdem Ministries’ Digital Feminist Activism in Ghana
The compatibility of Socratic and Confucian educational traditions in an internationalised curriculum
Application of liquid culture approach to intercultural training



The Impact of Globalization on Minority Languages: A Case Study of the Csango Language in Romania
Diversity Management and Global Mobility: a strategic perspective
China & Africa in the 21st century : cooperation or exploitation?
How Do French Migrants Integrate into Colombian Society? The Applicability of General Theories and Measurements of Integration to a Specific Nationality in a Non-traditional Migration Destination
Language, Start-ups & Identity: How a talent accelerator manages its linguistic reality?
Honing Cultural intelligence : an inquest on the antecedents of cultural intelligence (CQ) among overseas Filipinos (OFs)
Diversity in the ASMR Community
Is home nowhere or everywhere: how serial cross-cultural moving during childhood and adolescence influences narrative identity?
Interaction 4 Integration – A Survey on International Student-Workers in Ireland


Cultural Identity of Expatriates
Intercultural competence in higher education.
Interculturality as a Competitive Advantage in the Airline Industry: Emirates Case Study
Project Management Strategies: Cultural Influences on Management Style
Liberating leadership– a win-win tool for employers and employees?
Different Language, Different Personality: Your Language Shapes How You Think
Reevaluating the Environmental Context: Identity & Perceptions of Belonging in the Urban Community
Doing Business in Russia in the Context of High Cultural Distance Case-study: American Companies Operating on the Russian market
The role of bilingualism in the development of interculturality
Intercultural leadership competencies: Reviewing organizational hierarchies in Japan
Rethinking diversity management at universities – how to manage a diverse student body
The Role of Culture in the Protection of Environmental Refugees
Chinese Students in France: Any Problem?
Human Resources Management in France: Are French companies part of the “war for talent”?


Same-language countries: a facilitator in intercultural communication?
Intercultural Competence Development in the Young Individuals Raised in France and Born Between 1997 to 2005: an Attempt to Assess French ‘Generation Z’s’ Cross-Cultural Competence and Cultural Awareness
Video Games: Toward a New Paradigm in Cultural Production Values within Multicultural, Multinational Developer Teams
Global Engineering Project Management. Intercultural collaboration. Hyundai Engineering,Turkmen Oil Refinery Revamp Project.
Cultural differences & similarities in the norms of (female) beauty. A cross-cultural study between Russia and Germany.
Islamic Marketing
 Conflict Management in Organizations




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